ECYMY is a competition for all students of classical music up to the age of 25.


Whether you’re just starting out on your musical journey, a talented 20 something or in your final years of music college, ECYMY is a place to develop your performance skills, show everyone what you can do and learn from one another. Many winners of the competition go on to be successful professional musicians. Don’t let this intimidate you though - our ethos is very much about enjoying making music, whatever level you happen to be at right now.


There are two rounds: 

Round 1 is via a video submitted to YouTube no later than December 31st. We choose 2 candidates from each category to go through to

Round 2, a live concert hosted by Hornsea recital club on Saturday 18th May 2024, where the winners for each category and an overall winner will be decided.


We have several categories, open to any classical instrumentalist, including singers.


    • Beginners (up to 2 years of learning) -  £10 entry fee (video 3 mins max, up to TWO pieces)
    • 11 & under -  £10 entry fee (video 5 mins max, up to TWO pieces)
    • 14 & under -  £15 entry fee (video 7 mins max, up to TWO pieces)
    • 16 & under -  £15 entry fee (video 8 mins max, up to TWO pieces)
    • 18 & under -  £20 entry fee (video 10 mins max, up to THREE pieces)
    • Open (max age 25) -  £20 entry fee (video 12 mins max, up to THREE pieces)

How to enter

1. Make your video, upload it to YouTube and save the link(s). You will need the link(s) to complete your entry.

The video doesn’t need to be professionally made - a simple phone video will be more than adequate, providing that a) your performance can be heard clearly and, b) we can see all of you in the video. Please state your name, age, instrument & category entered at the beginning of your video. Ensure that the lighting is good, and that your camera is positioned so that we see you, not the music stand/piano/sofa in front of you! Also ensure that the balance is good, i.e. the piano isn’t too loud. You must do the video in one take; edited videos will not be accepted. There is a step-by-step guide on how to upload your videos here


2. Fill in the Google form to enter. You will be asked to pay online via Ticketsource before you can complete your entry, so have  your card details ready.

Under 18s must have their form  completed by a parent/guardian.



All entrants must be amateurs/students. This competition is not open to professional musicians or to previous winners of the overall prize.


The competition is open to all UK residents. However, priority will be given to entrants living or studying in the Yorkshire & Humber region or to those with a parental home base in the region. 

Candidates can enter on multiple instruments. They must make a separate entry for each category/instrument. Recordings can include more than one piece but must not exceed the maximum performance time for the category (please see above).


The first two prizes for each category must be won by different people, i.e. it will not be possible for one person to win 1st place on one instrument and  2nd on another. It will, however be possible for someone to win more than one category.

Ages for each category are taken as at 31st August 2024